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Just random thoughts from a regular guy. Starting a blog because internet is relatively safe. We can post our thoughts in relative safety. People can share thoughts, judge and be judged without being looked at in a strange way as it could happen IRL. I don't have the illusion that I can share anonymously as I will most likely reveal details that would trace to me for those who know me IRL. That's something I am willing to accept.

This regular guy is Dutch from Chinese decent and currently living in Asia. I have spent most of my life in the Netherlands and once started working, I have moved to different countries as I wanted to explore the world. So far so good! My Chinese roots run deep: I'm above average when it comes to playing ping pong, am a degenerate gambler and eat mostly using chopsticks. That said, I'm lucky to be born and raised in Holland which kept me away from the Chinese habits we see on many Youtube videos our there ;)
I'm happily married and have a beautiful 3-year old son and they are the reason I wake up in the morning with a smile. Well, most of the times and certainly not when jr decides to wake up daddy at 5:30 in the morning occasionally.

I just want to put some of my thoughts in writing to collect thoughts from others on all kind of topics and I don't have anything specific in mind (although I do have some inspiration for the next few posts). I will probably post in both English and Dutch, depending on my mood I guess. Jullie kunnen dus gerust reageren in het Nederlands :). Ik stel meningen op prijs ook al deel ik die mening wellicht niet. Discussieren, beargumenteren en meningen delen wordt gewaardeerd maar ik hoop dat het wel met respect naar elkaar gebeurt. Er is al genoeg ellende in de wereld vanwege het gebrek aan respect!

Looking forward to post in the near future and see how this blog will evolve! It could be short lived or explode or anywhere in between.

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